Surrounded by Hills

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I have so many cousins! My Relative Finder on 23 and me is bulging and many have accepted sharing with me! Honestly, I don’t know how to place the relationship of many of the cousin matches, or which ancestor they are related to me through, or why some of them match either my dad or brother exclusively but do not show a match to me. I manage all three accounts on 23 and me and I see this quite frequently a cousin will match me but not Marcus or match my dad and Marcus but not me. My dad and Marcus are my highest relative matches so I know they are my father and brother. I do realize that when this does occur the person is nonetheless related to me too. There are a few that I have pondered over who are distant cousins, some that I have found my possible link to and others that I am still making assumptions. Truly, only assumptions can be made here since I do not have written support as of this time to draw a conclusion. One of my cousins, Jesse matches my dad at a predicted relationship of 5th to distant cousin at 19%, and matches me at 5th to distant at 20% both shared across one segment. He does not match my brother Marcus. My assumption is he matches us through a female relative on my dad’s side. Here is our picture:

Jesse allowed me to peruse his family tree and searching through his list of surnames none of his surnames matched any of mine. My tree is a five generational tree with some blanks because I don’t have maiden names for some of the females I found who were married prior to 1870. Keeping a working knowledge of his list of names I began searching the census records around where my family lived to see if there were any surnames similiar to his.  I found an Alonzo Hill born 1820 living in close proximity to Thomas and Jennie Henry in 1870.  In Jesse’s tree, John Hill born 1822 Georgia, is the father of Amos Hill Jesse’s great-great-great and great-great grandfather.

Detail: Year 1870; Census Place: Township 13 Range 27, Barbour,Alabama; Roll:M593 Page: 355; Image 43

Living near my great-great-great grandfather Thomas Henry and Jennie whose maiden name I have not been fortunate to find, is Alonzo Hill born 1820. There is also a Jack Hill living quite close who is somewhat younger than both Jennie and Alonzo Hill and Alonzo’s wife Mary. There is also a Rupel Hill who lives close as well. Thomas Henry and Jennie are surrounded by Hill’s.

Detail: Year 1870; Census Place:  Barbour, AlabamaTownship 12 Range 28 Roll: M593_2 Pg 144 image: 659

Neither John Hill, nor Alonzo Hill nor Jack Hill are old enough to be Jennie’s father but chances are all share a sibling relationship and their yet undiscovered father is Jesse, and our common relative. Shown below is a picture of my great-great-great and great-great grandfather Thomas and William Henry along with Jennie Henry mother and wife in Barbour Alabama. This is the deductive reasoning I used to come to the conclusion that Jennie was nee Jennie Hill prior to her marriage to my third great grandfather Thomas Henry.

Until, I gain further evidence to substantiate this claim the DNA evidence is the only proof that I have that this relationship is certainly possible.

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