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You’re getting warmer!  Do you remember that game we used to play, Hot, Cold we called it? Someone would hide an object and elect that you go look for it. Whenever you got close enough to it they would yell you’re getting warmer! Right now my great grandfather Alfred Bass is probably sitting near by and saying to me, you’re getting warmer!  I found an appraisement and inventory list  attached to a public member profile on Although, Alfred Bass was not listed in the inventory Jacob a boy was, along with another boy named Peter. Jacob was valued at $350 and Peter at $375. There was also an older Peter a man appraised at $325. To me they are worth so much more!  Jacob Bass born 1810 lived in close proximity to Alfred Bass born 1845 in the1870 Union Parish Louisiana census, I have often wondered if there were any relation. Recently, I received a labor contract from 1867 which placed them together but of course did not pinpoint the relationship. I know Alfred Bass is my great-great grandfather because he is enumerated as the father of my great grandfather Peter Bass born 1877, in the 1880 census of Union Parish, Louisiana. I was not as certain about Jacob Bass born 1810. Now, I am certain that a relationship existed between them.  I just don’t know how to place him yet, whether he is Alfred Bass’s father or else?

The Appraisement and Inventory Records for John Bass Perry County Courthouse Records:


This record is the inventory of the estate of John Bass born 1775 in Wayne County, North Carolina and who died intestate in Perry County Alabama Marion township in 1822. For the longest time I could only speculate that my Bass family was ever owned by this family. It’s because when John Bass died he died intestate and with considerable debt, he probably had to sell my family!  He left a widow Julian Holliman-Bass and seven children, he had fourteen slaves. All of which I claim as family until further evidence proves different. John Bass’s family each moved from Perry Alabama in 1848 to Union Louisiana and started a settlement there called Marion. There was Uriah Bass who married Eliza Benson-Plummer daughter of Gabriel Benson first judge of Perry County Alabama. He was seventeen at the time of his father John Bass’s death. Mary ‘Polly’ Jane Bass married Rev. Samuel J. Larkin she was fifteen at the death of her father and a young bride. Elizabeth Bass she married Claude Thrasher Barton she was thirteen at the time of her father’s passing. Molsey Ann Bass married Reverend Elias George she was under thirteen years of age when her father passed. Sarah married John Johnson she didn’t remove to Louisiana but remained with her husband in Alabama she was under twelve years when her father passed. Keziah Bass married James Traylor she was under ten years when her father passed. Richard Bass married Mary Ann Powell he was under nine years when his father passed. Julian Holliman-Bass remarried Jetson Green and removed to Union Parish Louisiana.

In the 1862 Sucession records of S. David Mims and Mary W. Ross (Elias George’s step daughter he marries Sarah Rochelle-Ross after the death of Ann Bass) my great grandfather is mentioned in the account and tableau of James Hart Tutor.

He further charges himself with the   hire of negro man Alfred to R. C.   Mims from March to December 1862              112.50

and later in Book A-2, P 460 of the Union Parish Courthouse Records The Sucession of S.David Mims states: March 1864, died March 1862. Mentions minor sons R.L.C. Mims and S.D. Mims Jr Slaves: Ann, 46, and Children, Spencer, 7, Delia,4, and Fanny, 2, Harriet 38, and children, Ross, 7, West, 9, and Mary, 12, Caroline, 22, and children Ellen, 6, William, 4, and Arch, 3, Mander, female 5, Glasco, 17, Alfred, 20, (my great-great grandfather) Pompy, male 50, Eli, 15,Charles, 32, and Celler and her infant, Jeff, no ages shown.

From: Some Slaveholders and Their Slaves Union Parish, Louisiana 1839-1865 page 41; Union Parish, Courthouse Records Book A-2, P 460

Alfred Bass married my great grandmother Silva Lee and together they had eleven children including my great grandfather Peter Bass born 1877. Peter is a recurring name in my family tree. It’s the reason why I can’t be certain if Jacob Bass is Alfred’s father or an Uncle? Could the other boy Peter be my great-great grandfather? Is the older Man Peter the father of both Jacob and Peter mentioned here? Peter Bass, my great grandfather, born 1877, first son was also named Peter Bass Jr born 1901 and died 1916 of tuberculous enteritis. Peter Bass’s son Luther Bass b.1906 would also name his first born son Peter Bass. Do you see how warm I’m getting?

Sometimes I think the ancestors are playing these games of hide and seek with us just to keep us from getting bored. Better go to bed now I’m getting cold!

6 thoughts on “Getting Warmer

    sjtaliaferro said:
    October 20, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    Congrats on your find!! Looks like you’re definitely on to something! I love the way the ancestors lead us to bits and pieces of the puzzle – it keeps the hunt interesting. Before long, the whole picture will come together. Be patient!

      victori7 responded:
      October 30, 2012 at 8:25 am

      thank you!

    Clareence said:
    October 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Congratulations for finding this treasure. I need to dig further into my Bass ancestry perhaps we may find a link.

    Charles Lee Bilberry said:
    May 8, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Nice work Victori!

      victori7 responded:
      May 8, 2015 at 4:44 pm

      Thanks Charles!

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