Extended Family

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Our extended family tree,
holds us beneath its shade,
weeping willow tears,
upon the roots of generations.

Our hybrid parity,
finds shelter within its glade,
yeilding fruit year to year,
from the seeds of diverse creations,

The rivers that rush and retreat,
wash us within its waves,
The Nile flows down my cheeks,
The Jordan crosses my inclination.

Many waters invade my memories,
overflowing my memory banks,
of kinship’s lost at sea,
memories unleashed like inundations.

Your blush hints hues of gypsy,
while brother forks Fulani in his fade,
my surrogate Sioux sister,
our cultures span the nations.

Our knitted history,
weaves us within its braid,
like Cairo Egyptian locks,
that survived for the duration.

Our extended family tree,
is by the shore of many rivers,
Gambezi, Zaire, Euphrates,
wetting our roots like survival stations

My sisters are like these,
a quench of thirst that delivers,
refreshing water to its source,
a joyous reunion of our relations!

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